Workers afraid of coming out

A survey conducted by Now Consulting Diva has discovered that approximately half of lesbian and gay workers in the UK do not feel able to reveal their sexuality to all those they work with. The research also found that one in eight lesbians and one in ten gay men are harassed at work.
Official figures say that six percent of the UK adult population are lesbian or gay. That would mean that up 1.5 million UK workers do not feel they can be honest about such a basic dimension of their lives. According to Ian Johnson, CEO of Out Now Consulting, “heterosexual people do not experience the same pressures to conceal such a major aspect of themselves when they are at work. Being accepted by government in the UK is a big step forward in terms of Civil Partnerships, but being able to be yourself at work is something all workers in the UK really ought to be able to do.”
“These figures show that this is not currently the case for a large number of UK lesbians and gay men,” says Johnson. “In the medium to long term that affects workplace productivity, loyalty and ultimately can result in otherwise well-qualified lesbian and gay staff leaving a job because they can no longer keep up a pretence of being heterosexual. UK workplaces need to improve on these figures both as a matter of social justice and also as a matter of business profits and workplace productivity.”