Work Life Practices and Work Cultures in Europe – An Analysis of the Prevelance of Programmes and their Utilisation in 115 Companies

Diversity, first developed in business contexts, now enters into the political sphere as well. More and more political departments take over Diversity thoughts and measures. The book “Diversity Management. European Contribution to a Current Debate” edited by Peter Guggemos shows different examples and approaches taken from human resource management.

In addition to these examples, expert authors present specific topics. Michael Stuber, owner manager of European Diversity Research & Consulting, reflects on work-life balance policies, programs and practices. He figures out why Diversity and Work-Life Balance belong together and gives a detailed overview from his Europe-wide study of 115 companies relating to Work/Life-Balance programs, and how companies manage them.

Stuber, Michael (2007): Work/Life Practices and Work Cultures in Europe. In: Peter Guggemos (Ed.): Diversity Management. European Contributions to a Current Debate. Augsburg: AIP. pp. 281-300.