WLPS analyses Work/Life practices in Europe

The effective navigation of work and live is becoming increasingly important. To better understand how and why companies take initiatives to tackle the challenge of Work/Life “European Diversity Research & Consulting” conducted the WLPS research project. A total of 115 organisations from 15 countries across Europe and 5 different sectors took part in the online survey. The survey analyses the current implementation status of work-life programmes and presents factors for their successful implementation in relation to corporate culture. What are the drivers for Work/Life initiatives? 87% of the participants expect an increased employee motivation followed by the aim to boost productivity and work quality (58 %). The highest ranking external factor, and fourth overall, was the acknowledgement of changing societal roles, life-styles and values (44%). The further results show that companies see a positive correlation between Work/Life initiatives on the one hand and measurable economic success on the other. Work/Life initiatives enable companies to keep qualified and motivated employees, which in turn, has positive impact on the success of the company. Furthermore it allows employees to balance their profession with their current situation in life. This leads to a win-win situation.Another result of the survey is that employers in Europe offer a multitude of measures from emergency childcare to paid leave for eldercare to telecommuting. But the desired benefits are not fully utilized as companies do not promote their measures sufficiently. For further information, please visit our website: here