French government pushes for progress in Gender Equality for its 5 million public employees

Despite some reservations, French trade unions have signed a new agreement on equality between men and women in the public services in France. This is the concrete outcome of cornerstones, which were discussed during a major conference with all key stakeholders in July 2012. The new framework agreement is a breakthrough for 5 million employees in France and an unrivalled initiative in the EMEA region. Continue reading


Diversity would be nothing without Inclusion. This has been, for some reason, the conviction of D&I practitioners for the past five years. Before that, Diversity, valuing diversity, managing diversity, leveraging diversity were some of the paradigms illustrating different elements needed to create impactful and value-adding frameworks. So, what is
the big forward leap of Inclusion and would it be good or appropriate to concentrate on that piece for the next strategy cycle? Continue reading

First speaking digital TV for blind people

The introduction of the digital TV led to problems for partially sighted and blind people as this technical revolution made watching TV impossible for them: While in the past a combination of hearing, residual sight, and audio description (AD) was used to describe what was shown on-screen, this information nowadays is written on the screen and cannot be accessed by blind people. Ironically, Continue reading

Ethnic segregation in the West Bank

Recent developments in West Bank are quite alarming. After a series of complaints by Jewish settlers about Palestinians being a security risk while using public transportation such as buses, the Transportation Ministry bowed to the pressure of the Mayor of Ariel, Ron Nahman: Since 4th of March 2013 the Afkim bus company has started to run separate lines for Jewish and Arabian/Palestinian travellers from the West Bank into central Israel, even with different routes. Palestinians are not allowed to Continue reading

European companies develop Diversity initiatives outside Europe

In order to increase the number of employees from under-represented groups or from emerging markets, European companies undertake Diversity initiatives in their subsidiaries outside Europe. Two large companies listed in the Stoxx 50, ABB and Imperial Tobacco, serve as examples for activities in the MEA region (Middle East & Africa). “Emerging markets are key to the future of business and diversity is key to being successful in these regions”, says Diversity expert Michael Stuber welcoming these moves. Continue reading

One of Britain’s Top Employer 2013, Tesco, works beyond Davies report targets

The British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer Tesco has been recognised as one of Britain’s Top Employers 2013 by the Corporate Research Foundation (CRF) Institute.
As a result of a recent research project, Tesco was named a British Top Employer among 68 other companies, all rated on opportunities for career development, training and development, cultural management and benefits offered. The participating companies have at least Continue reading

D&I Keynote: the Propelling potential principle, Cologne Business School (CBS) University to Business

Diversity deals with complex issues. Sometimes it is helpful to get an overview and an introduction especially when basic questions turn up. You might ask how to create value through diversity and inclusion and how to get the diversity of Diversity just as students of Cologne Business School did. Michael Stuber answered those questions to students who are beginning to care about this topic.
Michael Stuber’s presentation was a kick-off for the two-day networking and recruitment event “Workforce of Tomorrow – Managing Diversity in the 21st Century”, organised by the Cologne Business School (CBS) University2Business (U2B). Several companies, including Henkel, TÜV Rheinland and SUPER RTL, introduced their diversity management strategies within the scope of presentations and workshops. Continue reading

Aiming at good or best practices?

In the male-dominated world, everybody wants to be a leader in their industry, country or discipline. And as D&I is increasingly aligned to strategic priorities, the leadership ambition gets more and more frequently included in Diversity storylines. At the same time, budget restrictions have led to minimised staff in D&I departments and increased voluntary engagement in grass-root initiatives. Considering these competing trends, it is necessary to ask – and challenge – if companies are aiming at deploying cutting-edge programmes (at cost) or if they will be satisfied with some solid initiatives. Continue reading

Diversity & Inclusion 2013, Conference Icon Events Barcelona

Effective strategies for building diverse and inclusive organisations was the title and focus of this year’s D&I seminar in Barcelona on 21st/22nd February 2013, organised and hosted by Icon Events international, and co-promoted by European Diversity as media partner. Icon Events is a two days of debate sessions, roundtable discussions, presentations and workshops. A main issue of this seminar is to provide the key for identifying and creating a clear definition within the participants’ organisations. It helps figuring out new approaches of successful Inclusion, Talent and Diversity strategies & programmes to be implemented. The event addresses SVPs, HR Directors, Globals Heads of Diversity & Inclusion, Chief Diversity Officers, Directors of Talent Management, Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, Communications & other related areas. Read our report. Continue reading

Top: trivago – Was ist schon so wie es scheint?

Ist Diversity wirklich ein Konzept, das Alle einschließt und erreicht? Gut gemachtes Diversity-Marketing kann diesen Anspruch erfüllen, wie die aktuelle Werbung des Portals für Hotelpreisvergleiche ‚trivago’ eindrucksvoll demonstriert. Was beginnt wie die älteste Geschichte der Menschheit, endet überraschend: eine Frau und ein Mann verbringen unabhängig voneinander aber dennoch gemeinsam einige Zeit im Wellnessbereich ihres Hotels. Continue reading


‘Broad and inclusive’ – experts nowadays agree that the concept of Diversity embraces many if not numerous or even all kinds of differences. But when it comes to concrete implementation and active promotion of distinct dimensions, more or less rigorous choices are being made. A couple of years ago, those choices were made regarding what to include in a Diversity framework; today the question is what gets concretely addressed. The bottom line can look quite the same in either case: A few issues (or only one?) will be prioritised, analysed, represented, strategized, funded, measured, celebrated and reported. Some more topics might be tackled in special projects or with task forces, and a few others will get merciful permission to self-organised programmes for which small budgets will be granted case by case. Continue reading

HR Directors pay Lip-service to Diversity – CEOs undecided

A new survey launched by HR magazine UK reveals a huge gap between the stated commitment towards the importance of a diverse workforce and the strategic action of the UK’s HR decision-makers.

Though 82% out of 271 HR directors, chief executives, managing directors and HR managers stated that diversity and equality were ‘high on their list’ (37%), a ‘top priority’ (17%) or at the core of their business (28%), only 57% had a diversity strategy in place. Continue reading