The crisis abets gender and age discriminations at work

Do Diversity programmes survive economic downturn? This is one interesting question that also leads to the question what happens to diversity target groups when times get tough? Current analysis show that economic crisis have a significant, negative impact on discrimination in the workplace ‘due to performance effects’. According to reports in the French newspaper ‘Le Monde’ this hits women and older employees the most. Continue reading

The World’s employers from a Global graduate perspective: research shows latest trends

The employer image of companies has always been closely related to their product images and their general reputation. However, the latest graduate survey results from Sweden-based consulting firm Universum reveals the full complexity of an international labour market. Not surprisingly, large US multinationals with strong brands dominate the top list. This might also be due to the importance International career development has for global top talent. Continue reading

Study shows lack of international diversity on German executive boards

What role does cultural Diversity play in the context of business management and diversity management in major corporations in Germany? This was the key question that business economist Insa Harms, former associate of European Diversity, followed when starting her analysis of the DAX30 company websites and executive director profiles, and she came to some amazing, or rather worrying results. Continue reading

Back to basics: Report claims work-life balance necessary in Bosnia to bring women to the top

In order for women being able to reach executive positions, work-life balance programmes are helpful says the ‘Women in Business’ report from Deloitte in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The auditing firm interviewed around one hundred men and women in executive positions in the most successful companies throughout the country. In total, they found that more flexible work options and performance evaluation systems are needed to neutralize the effects of women taking parental leave. Continue reading

Gender Gap Report: 7th International number crunching

The latest Gender Gap Report, a ranking of numerous countries on four gender scales, presents a few surprises mainly constant results. A number of European countries keep dominating the top ranks, and beyond this a few remarkable drops and rises can be noted. This observation leaves us with the question of the purpose of an annual counting of female parliamentarians, birth rates, women in management positions and girls at school. Continue reading

Mythos Quote – Widerstände und Wege zu mehr Frauen in Führungspositionen

Statt gesetzlicher Regelungen sind Gender Diversity-Maßnahmen zur Erhöhung des Frauenanteils im Management zielführender, die auch bewusst und gezielt die Unternehmenskultur verändern. Dies ist die Quintessenz einer Analyse, die nun im wissenschaftlichen Magazin Personal Quarterly veröffentlich wurde. Das Heft weist den Schwerpunkt „Frauen in Führungspositionen“ auf. Continue reading

HR Directors pay Lip-service to Diversity – CEOs undecided

A new survey launched by HR magazine UK reveals a huge gap between the stated commitment towards the importance of a diverse workforce and the strategic action of the UK’s HR decision-makers.

Though 82% out of 271 HR directors, chief executives, managing directors and HR managers stated that diversity and equality were ‘high on their list’ (37%), a ‘top priority’ (17%) or at the core of their business (28%), only 57% had a diversity strategy in place. Continue reading

Norwegian quota decreased companies’ values while accepted gender diversity adds value

After Norway introduced a mandatory 40 percent quota of women on (supervisory) boards of directors for all publicly listed firms, the value of those companies has decreased as a result for several reasons. This is one of the key findings of a study conducted by two US American Finance professors from the University of Michigan. The researches examined a total of 248 listed Norwegian companies using stock market information. First, they found that Continue reading

France to unveil gay marriage but Russia …

The French government will present legislation on the legalisation of gay marriage these days, the office of Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault proclaimed. According to a spokesman the bill on ‘marriage for all’ would change the definition of marriage in the civil code from the union of ‘a man and a woman’ to the union of ‘two people’. The bill will also propose that gay couples be allowed to adopt children, the spokeswoman said. Continue reading

New Antidiscrimination Practices Database to be launched in November

A new anti-discrimination practices database will be launched in November 2012 by the Dutch knowledge centre on discrimination Art.1. The new tool, which was realised in co-operation with MOVISIE, offers an overview and concise information on various anti-discrimination practices in the Netherlands aimed at combating discrimination and/or the promotion of equal treatment. The practices have been selected for Continue reading

‘Leading economies’: Alarmingly low numbers of women in science & technology

For the first time, a study maps the opportunities and obstacles women face in developing their careers in science across the US, the EU, Brazil, South Africa, India, Korea and Indonesia. It was conducted by experts in international gender, science and technology from ‘Women in Global Science & Technology’ and the ‘Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World’, and funded by the Elsevier Foundation. The researchers found that Continue reading


Deutsche Firmen sind  im europäischen Vergleich konservativ – sexuelle Orientierung weiterhin auf letztem Diversity-Platz –Preisverleihung an fortschrittliche Arbeitgeber

Das Thema „sexuelle Orientierung“ ist weiterhin die am wenigsten beachtete Facette im Diversity Kontext und hat in den letzten Jahren weiter an Aufmerksamkeit eingebüßt. Dies ist ein Ergebnis der 3. internationalen
Vergleichsstudie von EuroStoxx50 Konzernen, welches Ungleich Besser Diversity Consulting anlässlich der morgigen Verleihung des Max-Spohr-Preises an ein Unternehmen und eine Behörde bereits heute vorstellt. „Die starke Schieflage zwischen den Vielfaltsthemen verringert die Glaubwürdigkeit von Diversity Management und ist aus wirtschaftlicher Sicht unverständlich,“ kommentiert Diversity-Experte Michael Stuber das Resultat. Continue reading

Neue Studie: Diversity ist im EuroStoxx 50 angekommen

Bereits zum dritten Mal hat die European Diversity Research & Consulting die Unternehmenskommunikation von europäischen Blue-Chip-Unternehmen unter die Lupe genommen und bemerkenswerte Zahlen präsentiert: 93,9% aller Unternehmen im EuroStoxx 50 nahmen im Jahr 2011 in ihren CSR-Reports auf das Thema „Diversity“ Bezug. 77% von ihnen behandelten das Thema in ihren Jahresberichten und 94% auf ihren Websites. Continue reading

World Development Report 2012 – a pledge for global gender equality

This year’s World Development Report (WDR) published by the World Bank is dedicated to Gender Equality. The in-depth economic analysis shows progress and barriers in the process to set out for more gender equality worldwide. For the first time, the World Bank shows a notable shift in attitude towards recognising gender equality as a development goal in its own right. Continue reading