Survey analyses Work/Life practices in Europe

A new survey shows that companies are aware of the business case for work/life balance, but fail to reap the full benefits. A total of 115 organisations from 15 countries across Europe and 5 different sectors took part in the online survey WLPS 2. The survey conducted by “European Diversity Research & Consulting” analyses the current implementation status of work-life programmes and presents factors for their successful implementation in relation to corporate culture. Leading employers in Europe offer a multitude of measures to enable successful careers under the consideration of private and social requirements: from emergency childcare to paid leave for eldercare to telecommuting. But the desired benefits are not fully utilized as companies do not promote their measures sufficiently. The study also underlines further contradictions of current work-life programmes: 46 percent of the companies name “changing societal roles” as a driver for their programmes. At the same time the survey shows that traditional role allocations are still predominate in European companies. For further information, please visit our website: here