Regional Perspectives on Global Diversity: Europe

Although the European continent has a common past, he has no common identity. It is still developing. Europe is a cultural rag rug. “While “diversity” is a characteristic of Europe, the “concept of diversity” has not yet been discovered by many of its citizens,” says Michael Stuber.

In his article “Regional Perspectives on Global Diversity: Europe“, published in “The Diversity Factor”, he explains why every country in Europe deals with diversity in a different way. “European countries and regions do differ regarding the issues each deems to be “important.” Our pan-European research reveals a ranking of the six so-called core dimensions of diversity: 1- gender, 2 -ethnicity/race, 3 – age, 4 – disability, 5 – religion/belief and 6 – sexual orientation. Additional issues specific to a country or region are based on the respective history and culture. In Ireland, for example, religion receives a lot of attention due to the longstanding conflict between members of the Catholic and Anglican churches.”

He also glances at Legislation and Diversity Best Practices in Europe.

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