Marking the beginning of a new era for D&I

In a keynote address at the World D&I Congress in Mumbai, India, the International D&I pioneer, Michael Stuber, will outline key issues for Diversity & Inclusion in the future. His analysis “Who Are We?” shows that a new era is beginning for D&I, and what it will take for all of us to be successful.

Many parts of the world were shaken up during 2016 by political shifts and the third Industrial revolution continues to transform the business landscape at the same time. Only a few experts have specialised in the field of D&I for twenty years or more and are therefore able to assess the impact of these changes on the D&I agenda in general and on strategies and tools in particular. The World D&I Congress, Mumbai, India, will bring together some of the pioneers from around the world, including Alan Richter (QED Consulting), Simma Lieberman, Michael Wheeler (GD&I Enterprises) and Michael Stuber, who will deliver the opening key-note at the event.

“Who Are We?” is the fundamental question for a three-parted reflection, through which Michael Stuber will point out vital and sometimes uncomfortable aspects of the development of D&I. He will speak about some disruptive forces that have led to a need to rethink and reposition D&I, and about the need for organisations to become more involved in the public discourse on the value of differences. Michael Stuber will also demand more role modelling from leaders, including D&I experts.

The keynote not only happens in the run-up to Michael Stuber’s 20th anniversary as a full-time specialized D&I researcher, author and consultant, also known as “Germany’s Diversity Guru”. It also happens at the 25th anniversary of the World HRD Congress, which hosts the World D&I Congress on 17 February 2014.

The aim of WORLD HRD Congress is to offer a global platform that helps HR leaders from across the world to listen to the best in their field and learn from each other. Hence, the event focuses on both networking and advancing each of the HR disciplines covered, including strategic HRM, Training & Development, Leadership, Compensation & Benefits, Organisational Development, Health & Wellness, HR Tech and also Diversity & Inclusion.

Unlike other commercial events, the WHRDC is guided by the advisory council and hence offers quality – for no one can buy a speaking slot. The Advisory council guides the strategic intent of the event making it rich in content and also decides about the Global Awards for HR Excellence.

The World HRD Congress will also pay a tribute to woman achievers from across the globe. The Woman super achievers will be a part of the Leadership congress. Those who are MAD – Make A Difference – will be recognised for making the world a better place.