How to Communicate D&I to GenY Hipsters

Research continues to reveal that the biggest challenge for different generations in working together is communication. Not only that language evolves quickly, also the visual items used are changing dramatically from one cohort to the next. A powerful web-based tool now offers everyone the possibility to create hipster-compatible icons and slogans that will resonate with the future generation. European Diversity Research & Consulting has taken the lead in creating their GenY selling propositions for D&I.

Have you noticed how members of different generations talk differently about having a good time together? Way back when they went to Discotheques to go out. Later the crowd went to Clubs and today we only talk about Parties – that of course change location on a monthly basis. Similarly, those events used to be called fab and then turned into cool and frankly we are not completely sure how we will label them tomorrow (or has it already changed yesterday?). is the ultimate solution for all of us to quickly get a grip on the one large chunk of Generation Y. The easy to use – just click the button – website will generate your brand, company name or slogan that is immediately recognized by Hipsters as a potential part of their life. As Diversity professionals, we have used the tool as an inspiration to start a revamping process of D&I to make it appeal with the bearded or glassed Internet generation.

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