GLOBAL DIVERSITY IN THE WORKFORCE Global Diversity in the Workforce: Effective strategies to structure, manage and measure a diverse corporate culture

The development of equality and diversity in the workforce has become a popular discussion point in recent times. Is this another crusade or is diversity in fact a business imperative? How do we comprehensively create and implement policies that address these challenges of our time? Whether you are a private or public sector company, Diversity is an issue that needs to be treated and resolved at the highest level of any corporation. Understanding diversity in Europe is a complex issue. However, it is also our biggest opportunity. European Human capital is a unique environment that allows us as employers to recruit a diverse workforce and ensure a scalable, adaptable and competitive edge. Localised insights into all manner of areas from product development to marketing strategies are simply some of the ways in which a diverse workforce can add value to the organisation. It is obvious that a well-managed cross-cultural climate can contribute significantly to the bottom line. In order to achieve this, we need to: Build diversity and work-life balance into our corporate strategies, acquire top management commitment to diversity, develop a diversity action plan & strategy, measure the success of the strategy and benchmark our progress towards diversity best practice, leveraging diversity to align marketing and product development with consumers. All of these topics will be covered during the “First Senior Executive pan-European Focused Summit” as the organisers say. The first conference day will be chaired by the EMEA Diversity pioneer and conference media partner, Michael Stuber. Two days seems almost too short to address all the questions and debate the varying perspectives concerning the controversial topic of Diversity within the workplace. Based on extensive research with organisations in Europe and North America, case studies introducing models of best practice were identified. Presented by senior executives responsible for diversity in leading global organisations these not only illustrate how to implement and sustain policies and procedures but how to benchmark them. The event will provide an opportunity to network with leading global corporations and benefit first-hand from industry leaders from LEVI STRAUSS, WHIRPOOL, NOVARTIS, NIKE, ABB, BP, NOKIA, FORD EUROPE, SHELL, EUROPEAN COMMISSION and LUFTHANSA.