Girls Day 2010

April 22nd marked Girls Day 2010 in various European countries and over 150,000 placements were offered to young women to spend a day in the workplaces of non-stereotypical female jobs. In the Netherlands, over 2600 girls and 100 companies participated this year. Companies such as Shell, Corus, IBM, Philips, Merck, Unilever, and the Royal Navy were involved with great enthusiasm to show the girls that working in engineering can be both challenging and interesting.
Poland’s events were part of a campaign called ‘Girls As Engineers!’ with the goal of introducing technical and engineering studies to female high school students and to promote this educational path as attractive and very beneficial. This year, twelve public technical universities and two faculties of physics invited young women to take part in an ‘Open Day For Girls Only’.
In Germany, the one millionth young woman officially to participated in events since the founding of the event in 2001. This year, 134,596 placements for young women were available in companies and universities. Proctor & Gamble Manufacturing claimed the exact millionth postion and 20 young women joined employees in Gross-Gerau to experience and learn about jobs in mechatronics and production technologies (such as bagged candies, tubed toothpaste and how bristles are attached to toothbrushes). Take part in the events in your country on April 21st, 2011.