First Global Diversity Workshop at Annual U. S. Diversity Conference

For the first time, the leading Diversity Conference series of the Conference Board will feature a pre-conference seminar on Global Diversity in 2005. The events entitled “The Diversity Performance Factor: Next Practices for Building Organizational and Leadership Competence for Results” to be held in New York (May) and Chicago (June) offer a Pre-Conference Workshop called “Global Diversity: Facts, Fiction & What you Need to Know for Next Practices” hosted by the EMEA Diversity pioneer, Michael Stuber, President of European Diversity Research & Consulting. He will be joined by leading practitioners from Symantec, BP (New York) and Chevron (Chicago) who will share their experiences.Never before, Global Diversity was addressed in such a substantial was than at the pre-conference workshops in New York and Chicago. Based on his experience with truly global projects, Europe’s Diversity guru, Michael Stuber, started off his seminar with an interactive quiz of global facts. “People need to know what they don’t know”, he explains this approach. As a next step, he framed Global Diversity by exploring paradigms and issues of Diversity in different regions and from different perspectives. Against this backdrop, BP and Chevron Texaco respectively presented their global approaches, mirroring Stuber’s introduction. He then went on to describe different societal and legal contexts found around the globe for the design and implementation of Diversity. This laid the foundation to listen to Symantec’s approach that is strongly based on different context factors found at the various locations where the company operates.As a key element, Stuber presented a mighty 150 hours Global Diversity Study Module he had developed for Volkswagen. The unique experiential mixture of scientific foundations, regional didactics and multi-disciplinary content impressed the participants, also at the main conference where Stuber shared the cornerstones of the project at the Global Diversity plenary session.