Expanding supplier diversity internationally at Intel

Intel has introduced a formal global supplier diversity program to increase global sourcing and to redefine diversity to include global suppliers. A number of efforts have been launched to identify international diverse suppliers. “We have spent the better part of 2007 positioning ourselves to identify our international supply base,” says Susan Martinez, Intel’s corporate supplier and diversity manager. Intel is working to educate diverse suppliers and governments in other countries on why it is important to make their availability known. As a part of the program, Intel has revised all of its internal training to educate its global procurement organization on international diversity suppliers, so that they are fully versed and can converse well with the suppliers as the company moves forward with this initiative. “Experience shows that this internal work is paramount to future success of all kinds of external initiatives”, confirms Michael Stuber, who is specialised in international D&I.
Intel currently hosts an annual supplier day which involves about 150 suppliers from around the world. Beginning last year, they began spending part of the time at the supplier day focused on encouraging participating suppliers to seek diverse suppliers in their regions. In addition to this, Intel also provides networking opportunities for the suppliers, as well as some “educational takeaways” to help them get started, according to Martinez. The next step is to begin working with diverse suppliers once they are identified. Today, more than 90% of bids that Intel receives include at least one diverse supplier.