European Diversity Practices Survey Results and Current Issues European HR Forum

In International HR, Diversity is a topic that emerges naturally. Hence, it was also natural that the European HR Forum had invited EMEA Diversity guru, Michael Stuber, to their Paris meeting in 2006. He presented current research results as well as upcoming studies.
The most recent studies from his research and consulting firm, European Diversity, covered the different definitions and paradigms companies were using across Europe, but also the different perspectives of the Business Case they were using as a foundation for their work. The current research questions looked at how companies were integrating the legal framework of EU anti-discrimination directives in their work, and how they were starting to work on age diversity as one of the upcoming challenges. Finally he presented results from their analysis of the external communication on Diversity.
As an outlook, Stuber provided an overview of the sophisticated Work/Life Practice Survey they were running. Aiming at covering more than 100 corporations, the researchers will look at existing and planned programmes, success factors, roadblocks and how the Corporate Culture does, could or should support Work/life initiatives.
For the international practitioners, he had a few conclusive recommendations from his 10 years of International experience:

1. Diversity is easy to start, but difficult to maintain
2. Diversity is partly nice, but the core is nasty and tricky
3. Diversity is about everyone, and it‘s relevant every day
4. Diversity is profitable, but requires investment
5. Diversity is (all) about communication, and benefits are reaped externally