Empowering Young Women: ‘Decisions for Life’

Young women in the service sector aged between 15 and 19 are being empowered by the ‘Decisions for Life’ campaign. ‘Decisions for Life’ is about empowering women in the service sector and strengthening strategies to address unequal gender relations both in unions as well as the workplace. This campaign offers young women a chance to share their experiences with other young women, to understand the nature and challenges of the sector and most importantly, a chance to ensure that the voices of young women become central to the trade union organisations of the sector.
Recently launch in South Africa, this project now covers South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. Close collaboration with four South African national trade union centres and three service sector trade unions supported the success of the launch in South Africa. In South Africa alone, the campaign aims to reach 10,000 young women workers in the next 2 years, focusing on one clear priority: fighting against sexual harassment. For further information see the project website : http://dfl.wageindicator.org/home.