Diversity Seminar at the Summer University at the University of Applied Sciences

Following the big success of his Diversity Marketing lecture in 2004, Diversity expert, Michael Stuber, was invited to run a seminar on Diversity Marketing as part of the summer university at University of Applied Sciences, Erfurt. The one-day session called “Diversity Marketing: Innovative Approach or Buzz Word?” took place on 8 September 2005 and covered an exploration of Diversity as a holistic concept and how it can be applied in the marketing arena. An in-depth case study encouraged the students to apply the newly acquired knowledge.From research and practical work, Stuber draws the following conclusions on Diversity as it relates to marketing – and vice versa: Mainstream-Mass-Marketing does not provide sustained (growth) potential – diversity is needed to tap into new segments. Traditional target group approaches bear significant risks – non-stereotypical approaches like Diversity help navigate this field successfully. A new focus on differences of customers bears untapped potential: Open-mindedness reflects contemporary values of society while Inclusion is the future-oriented behaviour in a globalised world.