Corporate Diversity Practices in Europe, EuroDiversity, ed. by George F. Simons

How has cultural diversity affected the business climate of the growing Europe? The book “EuroDiversity. A Business Guide to Managing Difference” edited by George F. Simons gives insights into Europe´s cultural challenges of globalization, diversity dilemmas and opportunities.
It looks at historical backgrounds and examines what makes working with diversity in the Euro Zone distinctive. Furthermore it figures out current business cases and best practices. The chapter “Corporate Best Practice: What some European Organizations are Doing Well to manage Culture and Diversity” by Michael Stuber asks what diversity means to corporate Europe in terms of how they have responded to it. What is the European Business Case, what are the drivers for diversity in Europe and what benefits can be reaped? Stuber bases his contribution on an empirical study he had conducted with his research and consulting firm among a number of European multi-nationals.
Stuber, Michael (2002): Corporate Diversity Practices in Europe. In: Simons, George F. (Ed.), EuroDiversity. Butterworth-Heinemann, pp. 134 – 170.