Number of over-65s in work tops one Million

The work force is aging as baby boomers move toward retirement. By now, one in ten over-65 year olds are still wage-earners. This question has recently been revisited by the Office of National Statistics in the UK (ONS). When they released a report showing that the number of employees older than 65 have reached far more than 1 million, that figure made the ghost of demographic shifts a spooky reality. Continue reading

Female and male leaders: What drives them and what makes them successful?

Several studies by the headhunting giant Korn/Ferry looked into success factors and strengths of senior executive men and women. One finding may almost sound as an insult, when they say that women ‘are as qualified as men to lead an organization in top executive roles’. Their reports make up for this by showing how women outperform their male counterparts in more leadership skills than men outperform women. The studies, however, also confirm some of the sad anecdotal information that Diversity practitioners have come across frequently. Continue reading


Einfach „bunt“ – auf diese griffige Formel brachte Moderatorin Dunja Hayali die Beschreibung dessen, was Diversity für sie im Kern ausmacht. Deutlich mehr punktete sie beim Publikum der Verleihung des Deutschen Diversity Preises in Berlin mit ihrer Selbstbeschreibung eines „Migrationsvordergrundes“. Gekonnte Zuspitzung wie es sich für einen solchen Anlass gehört. Ein Anlass, der wohl vor allem eines will: Ein strahlendes Licht auf große Namen werfen, um einem wichtigen Thema die nötige Beachtung zu verleihen. Continue reading

Ability to mainstream disability

IBM, SFR, Sodexo, Dell and Renault were announced to be the 2013 European Disability Matters honourees. The announcement was made in the run-up to the Disability Matter Award which annually honours forward-thinking companies committed to successfully mainstreaming disability in the areas of marketplace, workforce and workplace. This year’s winners will be Continue reading

The crisis abets gender and age discriminations at work

Do Diversity programmes survive economic downturn? This is one interesting question that also leads to the question what happens to diversity target groups when times get tough? Current analysis show that economic crisis have a significant, negative impact on discrimination in the workplace ‘due to performance effects’. According to reports in the French newspaper ‘Le Monde’ this hits women and older employees the most. Continue reading

D&I Keynote: the Propelling potential principle, Cologne Business School (CBS) University to Business

Diversity deals with complex issues. Sometimes it is helpful to get an overview and an introduction especially when basic questions turn up. You might ask how to create value through diversity and inclusion and how to get the diversity of Diversity just as students of Cologne Business School did. Michael Stuber answered those questions to students who are beginning to care about this topic.
Michael Stuber’s presentation was a kick-off for the two-day networking and recruitment event “Workforce of Tomorrow – Managing Diversity in the 21st Century”, organised by the Cologne Business School (CBS) University2Business (U2B). Several companies, including Henkel, TÜV Rheinland and SUPER RTL, introduced their diversity management strategies within the scope of presentations and workshops. Continue reading

2 x Integration von Menschen mit Migrationshintergrund in Deutschland

Wie steht es um die Integration von Menschen mit Migrationshintergrund in unserer Gesellschaft? Wie genau verhält es sich mit der vorurteilsfreien Gleichbehandlung, das unser AGG fordert? Zwei aktuelle Medienprojekte folgen unterschiedlichen Hebeln: gegen Rassismus bzw. für Integration und zeigen damit einerseits den weiterhin bestehenden Handlungsbedarf und andererseits positive Beispiele mit Leuchtkraft. Continue reading

A strong corporate statement against LGBT bullying by SAP

Despite strong moves on LGBT equality in society and politics (c.f. above) homosexuality is still a taboo in the corporate world. Especially in management positions, a strong culture of heterosexual assumption prevails and is actively maintained through implicit dynamics. Gay executives choose not to come out of the closet as they fear of loss of management prestige. But keeping silent could even lead to painful losses of other family members. Continue reading

The World’s employers from a Global graduate perspective: research shows latest trends

The employer image of companies has always been closely related to their product images and their general reputation. However, the latest graduate survey results from Sweden-based consulting firm Universum reveals the full complexity of an international labour market. Not surprisingly, large US multinationals with strong brands dominate the top list. This might also be due to the importance International career development has for global top talent. Continue reading

Gender Gap Report: 7th International number crunching

The latest Gender Gap Report, a ranking of numerous countries on four gender scales, presents a few surprises mainly constant results. A number of European countries keep dominating the top ranks, and beyond this a few remarkable drops and rises can be noted. This observation leaves us with the question of the purpose of an annual counting of female parliamentarians, birth rates, women in management positions and girls at school. Continue reading

Diversity & Inclusion 2013, Conference Icon Events Barcelona

Effective strategies for building diverse and inclusive organisations was the title and focus of this year’s D&I seminar in Barcelona on 21st/22nd February 2013, organised and hosted by Icon Events international, and co-promoted by European Diversity as media partner. Icon Events is a two days of debate sessions, roundtable discussions, presentations and workshops. A main issue of this seminar is to provide the key for identifying and creating a clear definition within the participants’ organisations. It helps figuring out new approaches of successful Inclusion, Talent and Diversity strategies & programmes to be implemented. The event addresses SVPs, HR Directors, Globals Heads of Diversity & Inclusion, Chief Diversity Officers, Directors of Talent Management, Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, Communications & other related areas. Read our report. Continue reading

HR Directors pay Lip-service to Diversity – CEOs undecided

A new survey launched by HR magazine UK reveals a huge gap between the stated commitment towards the importance of a diverse workforce and the strategic action of the UK’s HR decision-makers.

Though 82% out of 271 HR directors, chief executives, managing directors and HR managers stated that diversity and equality were ‘high on their list’ (37%), a ‘top priority’ (17%) or at the core of their business (28%), only 57% had a diversity strategy in place. Continue reading

‘Leading economies’: Alarmingly low numbers of women in science & technology

For the first time, a study maps the opportunities and obstacles women face in developing their careers in science across the US, the EU, Brazil, South Africa, India, Korea and Indonesia. It was conducted by experts in international gender, science and technology from ‘Women in Global Science & Technology’ and the ‘Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World’, and funded by the Elsevier Foundation. The researchers found that Continue reading

Managing Diversity in practise, European Commission DG JUST “Summary of the day and moderating workshop results”

Held within the European Commission’s project ‘Support for voluntary initiatives promoting diversity management at the workplace across the EU’, the High Level Event took place on 31 October 2012 in Vienna under the patronage of the Austrian State Secretary for Integration, Mr. Sebastian Kurz, and hosted by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and the Vienna Economic Chamber. Continue reading

Neuer Grundsatz-Artikel zu Alters-Diversity-Mangement

Das Medium des ‘Kuratorium Deutsche Altenhilfe’ (KDA) erkundet Diversity als potenzial- orientierten Ansatz. Konzepte zur Gestaltung des Alterns von Belegschaften, Märkten und der Gesellschaft gewinnen aufgrund der demografischen Verhältnisse zunehmend an Bedeutung. Als Fachautor beschreibt Michael Stuber in der aktuellen Ausgabe des Magazins ProAlter auf fünf Seiten die Potenziale der systematischen Gestaltung von Generationenvielfalt durch Diversity-Management. Continue reading