BARCELONA ICON 7th Seminar Diversity & Inclusion

This event is one of Europe’s longest running focused Diversity & Inclusion seminars.
It brings together many of the world’s leading minds in the area of diversity and HR. Everyday practitioners and C-level/ Board level representatives, authors and professors from some of the world’s most recognized companies and institutions in driving innovation and effective thinking come together to discuss new approaches and strategic models.The event offers debate sessions, roundtable discussions, presentations and workshops that explore how diversity can help organisations in Diversity Innovation / Female Leadership / Linking Diversity to Engagement / Sponsorship / Diversity Leadership Metrics / Business Growth and more.
European Diversity Research and Consulting is Media Partner of this event again after having attended already four times in the past.
At the upcoming edition of this established D&I Seminar, you can get inspired by innovative D&I practitioners and business leaders, and hear about how Diversity can help organisations in Business Growth, Innovation & Talent Management.