7th European Work-Life & Diversity Conference, The Conference Board Europe

The Conference Board announces its annual European Work-Life & Diversity event: Productivity is not traditionally “top of mind” for Diversity, Inclusion, and Work-Life management experts. However, business leaders and practitioners of diversity, inclusion, and work-life management can make major contributions to solving issues of their companies. Businesses are looking for ways to deeply engage talent pools, to develop and use the potential that exists across the workforce, to leverage diversity to foster creativity, innovation and flow, and to promote work-styles and lifestyles that provide a healthy productive workforce and society.
The upcoming conference will search for answers to questions including: What roles do the economics of happiness and work-life management play in productivity? Is it enough for companies to open doors wider to minority groups, or do they also need to support education and cross cultural training? If so, should and could organizations be doing that through private-public partnerships? How do work-life management solutions impact on the numbers of women and senior workers at all levels of Europe’s organizations? How does Europe’s real productivity compare to that of the US, China and India?The results for the pan-European Work/Life Praxis Survey (WLPS) will be presented by Diversity guru Michael Stuber. Under the title “The Balance of Economic Achievements and Personal Lifestyle: Strategies, Challenges, Success Stories” he will look at the reasoning for Work/Life programmes and what drives companies to expand their activities in the field. His survey included 110 companies so that the data allows to look at consistency of strategies and practices, and to shed light on the importance of the Corporate Culture as a mediating factor to reap benefits of work/life programmes and tools. His key results & recommendations highlight the Business Value of Work/Life strategies and the need to imbed this in the communication. Stuber talks about the key stakeholders of work/life management and how they can be instrumental in shaping a culture that supports different form of navigating private and business life needs. He also provides an outlook into the themes ahead.